LGS 2019 Winter Split Week 3 : Diamond Blue's Games

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The Lucid Gaming Series is a tournament that take place every friday, here we start the week 3 and our team Diamond Blue is now 6-1 in this tournament. Come and watch our team win the LGS 2019 Winter Split! now on twitch. ### Diamond Blue: Position - Rank - Nickname (In Game) TOP -DIamond 4 - TDC Mbappé (IMS SX) JGL - Diamond 2 - TDC Mirko (CrenD) MID - Diamond 1 - TDC Toxygen (Toxygen) BOT - Diamond 4 - TDC Retro (RetroMaster) SUP - Diamond 4 - TDC Marii (NunTokki) Tonight 3 more games come on live !!!

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