How to Support 101 and more to come about the best role in the game !

How to Support 101
A quick and basic guide on How to Support in League of Legends ! All you need to know from who to pick in which conditions, how to build your items, runes and masteries, and basic advices.
Hey everyone ! I am a main support, playing the role for a very long amount of time (I started at around season 2 and never stopped since). Dut to the lack of support related content over Youtube, I decided to do it myself. Here is my first video, more is to come in the future. It covers on surface what a support needs to know, and I will in the future explain more in depth all those points I explained in the video, and more ! I am looking for reviews and advices right now, so please tell me what you think ! Thanks a lot for stopping by, and see you later ! Solomai the Support
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