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About channel: I will try my best to upload two or three gameplays a week (for now, they won't have much editing in them, I'm very slow at using software) an...
Hi everyone, I've created a LoL channel where I upload my gameplays and montages. Right now I have only few videos, but I'm constantly adding new ones. I'm uploading a new montage each weekend and some gameplays in between. It would be highly appreciated if you could watch some of my videos and maybe drop a suggestion about what I could improve. I know that so far my gameplays might be boring to watch because of a lack of personality in them, but I'm still working on it. Here is my latest montage where I decided to play a champion with the lowest winratio in patch 7.13. From there you can see my previous one. Hope you enjoyed watching my content and you will stay to see me get better
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