My Twitch is finally live again!

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Welcome to my new Youtube channel, On here I will be posting all my League of Legend streams, currently streaming 3 times a week, so that should bring you gu...
Hello everybody. Some of you know me, most of you probably don't, anyhow I used to be an very active streamer on twitch about 1 year ago but then RL got in the way of that and my stream kinda died etc, etc. Anyhow know i'm back in to the streaming business again and after 2 test streams with tweakings of stuff etc i'm finally finished and now I will be online again on a regular schedule. I will stream exclusively League of Legends and at least 90% of the games will be ranked games. I'm Currently ranked Silver I which is not great but not that bad either considering i'm still fairly new to League of Legends. I was fairly good at HoN and dotA 1 & 2 tho so i'm a fast learner, I've managed to get the hang of all items now and counterbuilding etc etc and I've managed to learn how all champions work and how to counter the most of them so lately I've climbed the ladders at a fast pace. Started of Bronze V late last year and i'm almost gold by now aiming for at least Gold I by the end of this season most likely even higher. Anyhow back to the streaming part. Currently i stream 3-4 days a week with a solid schedule to be announced soon. My channel is I'm also adding all of my stream on to my Youtube channel So far there is only 4 videos up they are from my last 2 streams, and as you can see they where kinda messy but at the end of the second stream i managed to get the sound right etc and everything went smooth. Anyhow please check out my twitch and youtube channel and I would really appreciate if you would follow me on twitch, and like my videos on youtube and sub if you find them amusing. I will be live later on today on my twitch channel around 21:00 something you should be able to see me live and if you're not able to see my stream on twitch it will be posted on my Youtube channel right after I've finished streaming. Thank's for reading and cya guys around. /GG
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