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(English version below) Hey! Ich bin Michael, 20 Jahre alt, und möchte mich in meiner Freizeit mal ein wenig am Streamen versuchen. Dabei möchte ich nicht unbedingt den besten Stream aller Zeiten abliefern, sondern einfach nur ein wenig eure Zeit mit Musik, Gameplay und Commentary totschlagen. Ich spiele momentan ADC/Top in Plat 2 und hoffe, noch vor Seasonreset in 14 Tagen Diamond zu erreichen. Villeicht schaut ihr ja mal rein :) ______________________________ Hey! I am Michael, 20 years old and would like to give streaming a shot, since I have a lot of free time at the moment. My aim is not to deliver the best stream ever, rather I would like to sweeten your time with music, gameplay and a bit of commentary. The main language of the stream is in German, however I will answer in English if I am adressed in it and also if I notice that a lot of my viewers are not speaking German switch to English entirely. Roles played are ADC and Top in Plat 2, while the short time goal is to reach Diamond before the pending season reset. Hope to catch you in my stream!

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