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DPK - The manaless Hero without a cigar
He can make the enemies eat his shit, but cant have his cigar back -DPK
Hello Guys. People call me MiHÆwk and I come from Croatia. I will do my best to be a new YouTube LoL compilation maker, similiar to what Realm Games, Sp4zie and ThePeacePigeon are doing. Recently, I uploaded 2 videos which contain hilarious one (pure) shot by Graves and an incredible outplay with almost no mana. I am a part of a team called Druzba Perine Kvrzice (eng. The Gang of Pero`s Nodule) or simply Tumor (eng. Cancer). Please, if you have some time, check out the videos I uploaded and if you feel like supporting me, just smash the subscribe button. Got only 9 subscribers {{champion:32}} Link to the videos: The Manaless Hero Without a Cigar: Graves hates LeBlanc: Thanks guys {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}

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