Kha'Zix Guide (Video)

Kha'Zix Pro Guide - Patch 6.10 - Diamond Season 5
Learn how to play Kha'Zix like a Diamond with this guide! Jump-to: 0:20 Runes 0:52 Masteries 2:52 Skill Order 3:31 Evolution Order 6:18 Item Order 8:42 Play Style 10:10 Tips & Tricks Thanks for watching :)
Hello people, I'm starting to make some guides/videos on YouTube for League of Legends. My first project was a guide on Kha'Zix for those who are looking to learn him! It contains runes, masteries, skill order, evolutions and when to use, playstyle and tips & tricks which you may or may not know. I was diamond on two accounts last season, and have spammed him quite a bit lately, trying various different builds and gave my best opinion on him. Give it a whirl, feel free to comment some feedback on the video! Though I'll post more champion guides in the future, I'm actually looking to make guides for League of Legends as a game, such as rotations, trading objectives, tower control, how to lane, apply pressure roaming and all the other aspects of the game (there's a lot!) so feel free to subscribe and learn something new today :) I was only diamond 5 and my mmr is about plat 1 atm so I'm not the best player, but I've played for 3 years now and I can definitely teach players below diamond something new :)

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