DISCLAIMER! This is Promo for my Twitch Channel, nothing else!

**DISCLAIMER! (yes again) This is going to be my very FIRST stream, ever. I did some test before but I can't guarantee good quality or anything else. I really really tried very hard that everything looks good and I will try to make a good environment.** Hello everyone :) if you are intrested into watching a new streamer I would greatly appreciate it if you come and watch me, even if it's just for a short period of time. I am Diamond at the moment but on the Account I will stream on is plat II. **So what awaits you on my stream?** Alot of non-meta off picks and trying of new strategies. My big main champion since 3 years now is Graves on the adc role but on stream I will mostly play other stuff like ap jax or ap tristana, basicly a big variety of Champions (everything in Plat to Diamond Ranked games!) I have a big champion pool that I will try to show the people out here. I also try to explain myself if I make mistakes or on my item builds. You can also suggest me new things in the chat :) If you are intrested to watch a new streamer I will be happy to see you in the chat :) if not I still wish you a nice day. **My stream starts at 5 Pm (UTC +2)** https://www.twitch.tv/defectasian I wish everybody of you a nice day and have a nice weekend!

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