I know there is a lot of 3v3 players out there. They just don't show up. Here is something for you!

3v3 XIN ZHAO - TWISTED CARRY // 3v3's Explained #1
Are you here to learn the ways of 3v3's? Good! Solo meta (no support), Xin in the jungle. No mistakes edited out! If you gotta learn on them, learn on mine. If you liked the video, subscribe to the channel: www.youtube.com/channel/UCI4gVRtb4XTBF4_dyEhA1PQ?sub_confirmation=1 See you next time!
For a long time, Twisted Treeline was consiedered as this obscure game mode that nobody is playing. Well, it still kinda is to be honest. But that's totally not true! Reading a lot of posts on various forums, one may notice that there is a lot of people that actually enjoy 3v3 more than they care to admit! They just don't bring it up. Maybe fearing the community backlash? It's time to end this nonsense. Here I present you the new series I've been working on - Coach Mc Bronze 3v3 guides! - So far nobody is teaching you the ways of 3v3's. So how can you change your mind about them, right? - You like 3v3's but you got no idea where to go from there? I got your back. - You are in low elo (bronze/silver) and looking to climb? This series is directed mostly towards you! - You are diamond+ and you think you don't need no guides? Think again. The amount of clueless 3v3 diamond players is massive. You think twisted treeline is boring? Well guess what, maybe it has less champions on the map, but it is more action packed and unpredictable. Here are some basic principles you should keep in mind: - 3v3's have 2 viable metas: duo lane with support and solo lanes with jungler. Right from the champion select you need to observe what meta your enemy might play and adapt. There are ways of utilizing and countering both metas. No worries, I'm gonna explain everything. - It's about teamfights: the map is small. You are gonna find yourself teamfighting way more than in 5v5's. Did I say this queue is action packed? - Get a grip on rotations: it gets you towers, towers get you leads. Once you open up the map, the whole tempo of a game can change. - Unexpected picks: tired of stale 5v5 meta? You can mix it up with some funky picks on 3v3's. - Challange the Challengers: yep, if you can get a grip on this, nothing is impossible. It's nothing new for coordinated teams, that know what to do to beat some players way higher in the ladder. So basically, it's impossible to cover everything in one post or in one video. The amount of information is just simply too big. But one thing is for sure - we gotta stop shunning 3v3's. To often I see people crying that solo q is dumb or rotating modes are boring. You got a perfectly good game mode right under your nose! Just pick it up! Anyways, thanks for attention. If you got any comments, just leave them below.
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