Made a video on how to open someone else's rofl files. (replays)

How to open someone else's .rofl file (LoL replay)
Two friends of mine wanted help with this and could not understand what i ment when i gave them the text solutions i found on reddit So i decided to make this short video for them, sorry to all subs who does not care at all about this - just a helpful video to some friends that i decided to make public since it's most likely will help someone else who might google find it.
Step 1: Make the person who have the replay, save it on their computer Step 2: Recive the replay from said person by using skype/dropbox/drive or something similar. Once you have the replay on your computer, the rofl file then... Step 3: Copy paste the file into the map seen in the video. Step 4: Create a shortcut of your client, as seen in the video Step 5: Copy paste the path file of the replay into your shortcut target -> Also seen in the video Step 6: Double click the shortcut and tada, replay works. It seems that this sometimes registers as ''broken files'' when you try to open your client the next time, you can repair it really quick+easy with the button who appears, but this ''fix'' will be bone. Also worth to menton is that each time you wanna watch a new replay, you'll have to paste it in here and copy over the path file into the target of the shortcut. Should be easy enough to understand now, figured i should share the video since i assume more then my two friends might beneift from this lil guide. Sorry for the poor quallity! Cheers Sawy

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