Pick Order: Sona

http://i.imgur.com/DXggrc2.png Pick Order is a new video challenge format where you can share your most exciting moments playing League of Legends! Every two weeks, we’re going to spotlight your best plays around a particular theme. This time around, we want to see your best Sona play. Whether you get that perfect five-man Crescendo or steal Baron with a wayward Power Chord, we want to see if you’re the Master Maven that solo queue needs! The clips we find the most interesting, funny or crazy will be spotlighted, along with the creator, in the next Pick Order - so get submitting! **Rules:** • Do not use third party music in your clip • Clip should be no longer than one minute • Clip you submit should be your own • Deadline *22nd of February * **How to submit:** • Just submit your clip by linking it in the comments below. • You can submit using YouTube, Vine or Instagram **Good Luck! ** {{champion:53}}
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