Biggest Aurelion Sol Q EVER!?!

Biggest Aurelion Sol Q EVER!?!
Uploaded by Eccentricgamingbites on 2016-03-10.
WOW O_O _______________________________________ I can already see Solash´s reaction _______________________________________ Just imagine this comp. Toplane {{champion:54}} or {{champion:120}} or {{champion:68}} Jungle {{champion:9}} Midlane (Aurelion Sol) Bot {{champion:21}} or {{champion:29}} Support {{champion:12}} or {{champion:1}} or {{champion:89}} or {{champion:78}} or {{champion:37}} or {{champion:12}} I do not want to be on the opposing team at all... Imagine.... (Both teams are in midlane trying to destroy the second outer turret at 20 minutes have passed) Aurelion prepares his Q from base after recalling ; Hecarim stays in the fountain to make a TP/ultimate ; Fiddle sticks, Miss Fortune and Alistar buy time and make the enemy team stay. Hecarim TPs from the back and ults EVERYONE, Alistar follows with headbutt/pulverize, Aurelion Sol comes in with a MASSIVE starsurge straight after, Fiddlesticks finishes channeling his ultimate and meanwhile MissFortune is just laughing her ashe off while ulting. (You guys get an idea with the other champions I mentioned) One thing is for sure, a lot of people are going to start spamming Bard in yolo queue
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