Here are the reasons you should give my stream a chance if u havent yet :) Day 8/30 Stream Marathon

Funkefetti - Twitch
Day 7/30 Stream Marathon! Twisted Fate/Fizz Master Elo player
Hi, I am Funkefetti I'm a high dia/low master TF/Fizz main. First here are some things that you won't see on my stream. I don't flame, i don't make fun of people when smurfing or mostly in general if its not in good humour. I also won't beg for anything. If you enjoy watching, great hangout learn a couple things maybe, i like to think i'm a pretty decent human being, you'll be the judge of that i guess. Now here's what i like to do when streaming. I try to explain my thought process, for example. why am i going to sidelane right now. Is the matchup winnable? if yes, how etc. Obviously i'm hilarious too so i like to enjoy myself when streaming. I also welcome if you wanna make fun of me incase i feed my ass off. Aight just a couple of things. Cya guys ^^
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