Scary Stuff

First Timers - MALZAHAR
NO ONE ESCAPES MY GRASP But seriously, not a f***king clue what I'm doing here.
Hello EUW, very scary stuff for me putting up my video like this, opening myself to criticism! But here's my first 'proper' LoL video, theres two things I'd love for you to do if you watch it (not forcing anyone here) 1) Bare in mind that it's my first go at a video, if the commentary is a bit dry or boring, I am actually sorry - plan to get better, just need to be more comfortable! :D 2) I know, I'm a terrible player - but lets not take away from that video ;) BONUS ROUND) If you have ANY feedback, Please - tell me either in this thread or on the video, I'll happily find ways to improve content in anyway, just lemme know BONUS BONUS ROUND) Enjoy it! Thanks guys!

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