Punishment system: Recompensation for bad behavior

Would it be possible to implent IP fines in some way whenever some one receives a punishment? Given the amount of toxic players in ranked the punishment system must be pretty lax, to the point where people can intentionally feed, admit it in chat have it put on youtube and not get any consequences (not exagerating, except for the youtube part, this is from personal experience with toxic players). So these players can do what they want, get their fun from messing other people's game up, while the other four players can only place a report and hope that justice will prevail but never be aware if it did. So what if these toxic players were forced to pay a fine, on top of whatever other punishment they got, to reimburse the people they've wronged? That way the toxic player gets punished and the victims get to know that the system works and they get something in return to compensate for the ruined game they were forced endure. This wil never be equivalent to the lost LP, placements, promo's or the emotional distress you had to endure but at least it's something. And for people who just don't care if other people behave in a toxic way, this might be an incentive to report toxic players that they wouldn't report otherwise, which will lead to more accurate reporting. Now some people may think this will lead to abuse of the report system to get free IP but I don't thin that will be the case. Frequent reporting lessens the weight of each report. So if a person reports every team mate in every game in the hopes that one of these will get him something, that makes it so that it's less likely that any of his reports will, as opposed to a person who only reports real offences. Also this kind of behavior should be easy to detect. And from my experience, it's very hard, next to impossible even, to get someone punished for legitimate reasons (the exception being verbal abuse which is easily detected due to chat logs). So I doubt anyone ever even gets punished for false reports. What about leave buster punishing people with bad Internet connections? Honestly, leave buster will do it's thing regardless of wether a fine system is implemented or not. But this fine system I propose is only for people who have been reported, so leave buster, an automated system, shouldn't be considered a factor in the fine system, only reports. But what if toxic players just use all their IP, so they stay at 0, and can't pay any fines? Well they could either be put at negative IP or any IP gains they get in the future will be detucted until the sum of all outstanding fines has been reached. Also it's not like they could keep going in the negative further and further, with a mindset of "I'm paying for the privilige to troll". If it gets that bad they should've received more severe punishments long before it gets to that point. To be honest at this point I'm feeling so let down by the report system that I'll even settle for a system where toxic players are forced to write a personal lengthy apology to each individual player they've harmed before they can join any other games. Then at least I know something is being done. TL;DR: - Toxic players can do whatever they want without any real consequences - The rest of the team is forced to endure this and will never get any compensation - IP fines on top of the regular punishment system will punish toxic players, compensate victims and let victims know toxic players can't get away with their #*!@. - Abuse of a fine system shouldn't become a problem
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