RIOT!! Answer! Why are the people all of a sudden getting Placed in Bronze 5... If this is a "undocumented"-feature u implemented in 6.1 but didnt tell anyone, like its your trend recently then PLEASE TELL US. I Demand a Statement to this, is it worth playing Ranked because as far as i can see i doesnt even matter what you play you are bout to go just divisons lower anyway. Riot, you have changed the rules havent you. Even if, so what, but TELL US about it. Riot, say something to this ... EDIT: 1. I am not Bronze, i havent even played rankeds this season. ( last season gold 3 ) 2. To all of you who say if you get bronze then climb out of it easy, i say THINK a little before you speak. If all the Gold+ and silver players are placed together with all the bronzes who were even bronze last season, then how accurate will the matches be... you are most likely to see gold and silver borders all over the place in bronze 3. GG.
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