Isnt it time for Teambuilder ranked ?

So i decided to play LoL after years of ignoring it, and the game is so good apart from one massive flaw, the lack of Teambuilder ranked. Just pausing here to say Hi to all the "you should play all lanes at your elo or dont que ranked" Hi guys ur the best honestly u are now plz shuush thx. I have played the game for around 2-3months got to Silver 4 then up to Silver 2, my biggest problem is, I dont have the time to invest learning every single champ in every single lane and in jungle, then to learn all the counter picks and what every opponent can do (i dont even have every champ yet). Surely I am good enough to be playing ranked so why should I not que if I actually enjoy Support its the most fun role in the game imo and perhaps one of the most important if played right. Surely it must be about time this was introduced, because as it stands atm you have 2 options Dodge or Play a lane u suck at and get flamed. Neither option there are fun gameplay and make ranked Q solo suck so hard, DONT even get me started on "premade botlane" (and ofc one of them always pick before you) Ive had to dodge a game bcuz no one wanted Jungle I got last pick even though I was currently on 4 game winning streak with good KDA ?? so what more can I do ? pick order screws me over no matter how well I play or how much i win so its totally RNG and RNG is the worst thing in the world specially when your only option is to get timeouts and warnings for dodging because the game forces you to dodge. As it stands current ranked is dated and old, please give teambuilder so i can at least be sure of my role before banning phase at champ select.
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