Sugestion: Costume entries in Rift when having a certain group

I had this idea while seeing a guy's idea of creating costum groups like filter for when you are choosing a champion like "Mains" or "Troll picks" or something like that XD I think it would be a good idea if they somehow create some costum entries in the rift when you have a party with certain champions or a certain group of skins, for example if everyone one your team has Bloodmoon skins when you enter in the game each one says something diferent or does something diferent or like when we win we have a special effect or taunt that everyone says . And if they actually did that it would be very cool having costum taunts or effects when entering the game and also would be good for rito because they make us want to have a full "set", so a player and his friends would buy each one a skin! I know they already have something similar with the PROJECT ones but they can improve much more and it would look great :3
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