Why LoL is going into wrong direction.

Hello everyone. Im playing this game since season 1 so i think i can call myself a 'veteran' and i would like to say how behviour looks at different elo's: season 1 - unranked: People having fun, enjoying the game, no cancer wishesh, little flame and trolls but game is new and people are trying new things but a lot of team work and competition. Season 2 - Gold: People still having fun, trying to get better and better at the game, semi amount of trolls, people flame more than in season 1. Season 3/4 - Plat: Cacer wishes, mother raping, saying "i would be your father but a dog was faster", troll in every game, no team work Season 5 Diamond: People tight as hell, everything said in all chat can be taken as something offensive, once 2 players were fighting in all chat and i said "easy, lux" and she said "wow u so rude, i hope u get banned for saying easy, u mofo", a lot of trolls, cancer to everything you love, mother raping, being my father, people caring only about themselves, not much help from other lanes. Once i had a vayne that went afk because she didnt get red buff... lets waste time of 9 people because she didnt get red buff. Today i got camped by enemy jungler and i said "hey lee, come top, he has no summoners" and his answer was "i dont care about your pings", thats a team game? I can understand getting mad and frustared and saying "you fucking idiot l2p" but "cancer to everything you love" should be instant ban for 6 months, when i started playing this game i was maybe 15-16 and i said sometimes "please die", im not proud of it and i regret it and i think i should get instant banned, not some stupid 3 games restriction. Im myself polish and i think that 80% of polish population should be perma banned because they're killing this game and fun out of it, guess who in most cases flame or go rage afk at eu ne? of course polish players, they act like ultra douche bags thinking they're some freaking gods. They have urge to flame someone for dying 3 times, they need some ego boost, getting fastifaction from other people sadness. I think Riot should change their attitude to players because this game without players wouldnt exist, myself i support this game from season 1 and did i ever get something for being a veteran? No. Well there are victorious skins but not everyone is playing rankeds and im sure they support game though. I hope people for refusing to communicate(they just waste other peoples time, even enemys time because not everyone likes to win w.o competition) get banned for few weeks so maybe they'll learn that its a team game, not solo game. Flamers get few months ban and in some cases perma and I would love to see if someone that i reported got banned because i think its quite my right to see if someone who called my mother a "whore" got banned. I know that not every game is something unpleasent but in most cases(like 7 out of 10 games) i get flamers that say " noob l2p", "wtf are u doing idiot" and when i say "dude im being turret dived" their answer is "dont die".... tip of the year, why they are not in challanger? they should teach LCS players, tip of the year "dont die", when hotshotgg dies their lesson is "dont die", SO SMART and easy! almost like furnitures from Ikea. I think thats everything i wanted to say, if Riot care about people enjoying the game they should get rid of flamers and trolls... but will it ever happened? maybe im just stupid that i believe that they will do anything since they make shitload of money and thats most important, right? And chat restricion doesnt help very much, its more useless than useful, how can someone cooperate in a team game with chat restiction? I didnt notice any ping saying "enemy adc no flash", "my ult is up in 15 sec so wait before engage", "ward in tribush, care jungler".. or maybe im just blind Regards, Robert - The worst mid mainer in whole league of legends history.
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