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Hello, I've come to here to tell you that it would be nice if you added a message to the Refund Tokens. At the moment it only says: Are you sure you want to Refund Heartseeker Ashe ? You will Receive 975RP back in your account. Refunds cannot be reversed. You will use 1 of your remaining 2 refund credits. I did not Read the Refund Policy before i used all my Tokens and now i cant get them back. At first i thought that those tokens will come back Someway. But later when i needed my tokens to refund some of my Champions that i bought for RP i didnt have any Tokens. I went to the Riot Support website to refund my champion and they told me that: We are sorry but we can't give you a refund for this champion because you have used all your Tokens. Well in the Refund Policy it says we can not offer any Refunds. Now i want RIOT GAMES to please put a sentence in there that Says: YOU WILL NOT GET ANY REFUND TOKENS IF U HAVE USED ALL 3 . Because it ist readable that these are your last 3 refund Tokens. Thank you have a good day :)
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