the game is glitching?

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this is the 4rd-3th time i have this (not 1 after another the last one was like 1 month ago or less iirc here the pictures i got from the game i ad now i dont know how to explain it but the game just go crazy i see the animations on the game just blown all over my screen and on teamfight is just horrible btw its start at the middle of the game or in the late (all of the other times too) (in the game its much worsh then the pictures MUCH WORSH i just couldnt take the screenshots well beacuse i used the f12 and its kinda delay it its someting on my driveers or my cumputer or the game itself? because the times its happend now consistant how i fix it so its wont happen to me again (one time it was on ranked....) btw my english isnt my naitive language :3
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