Enemy borders, crests, and mastery level in the loading screen

Hey everyone, If you're an experienced league player, you may remember the good ol' times where you could see the enemy loading screen border. I don't know why they turned it off a long time ago, but I think it's better for the whole community to see the enemy crests (colored ribbons), mastery level and loading screen borders (the silver, gold, plat, dia, master, challenger one). (IN THE LOADING SCREEN) 1. It looks more pretty to see all the colors of everyone 2. You can see if the player has a lot of honors 3. It DOESN'T give an advantage to anyone to see what rank he/she became last season. 4. You can check it, and even a lot more stats on sites like lolnexus, lolskill, etc. So why not turn it on? As you could check the jungle timers at first, they turned on the baron and drake sounds even if you had no vision. That's way more important than just a few loading screen accessoires. Turning on the enemy loading screen accessoires isn't that important, but it gives you more feeling that you're actually against worthy opponents, if not climbed or heavily demoted players (so you can track POSSIBLE eloboosters with the report and review feature of the tribunal). If we can check it anyway on 3rd party sites, why not turn it on ingame? Looks smoother!! (by the way, some of the 3rd party sites are scams, so you will reduce the amount of scams as well) All together: Looks smoother, Tracks possible eloboosters easier, spares time of alt-tabbing to 3rd party sites and risking bugsplats & scams. Thankyou, feel free to add suggestions to my topic. (and if possible some feedback about my idea) I hope Riot Games will do something with it, let's get this topic higher so more people can see it! See you on the fields of justice!
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