Suggestion: Player birthday gifting

Greetings, (First of all, sorry if I make some mistakes, my native language isn't English) I've been playing League of Legends since it came out. Trough the years the game improved a lot, always focusing on players desire and community needs. I have a huge amount of real life friends (and also some that I made in-game) that play LoL, we all share a "tradition", when it's someone birthday we usually congratulate each other offering skins or champions. Here's my suggestion: When it's someone birthday, the client could have a notification system or reminder that someone is close to celebrate his/her birthday. Knowing that, in-game friends could have the option to gift him/her with a skin/champion/RP with a little discount (5%~10%), and Surprise Party Fiddlesticks obviously would be half the price :P Scams could be avoided with a system that prevents gifting the birthday person if you aren't friends for at least one month, and not being able to change the birthday date. It's a good way for Riot make people spend money on RP to offer skins/champs, and a huge community interaction idea. Hope you like it, Kind Regards, mìlk
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