Ranked suggestion

Been on a losing streak recently and it's growing ever more frustration to play well, win lane lose game basically. Ranked is supposedly based on a persons skill level, but when you're stuck and can't climb because your teams are a lot lower skill level it really gets annoying. I don't think I should be challenger, idk where I should be, but I definitely feel I should be quite a bit higher than Gold V currently. My suggestion is to incorporate a system which works off the grade you receive at the end of a game, for example if you have won a game but been carried by your team and get a low grade you will not be able to climb as easy as someone who has completely carried the game. Vice versa if you've played well and received a high grade but lost the game, it will be much more difficult for you than someone else to be demoted. I think this would make ranked a bit more "fair" because when I play LoL I want to play against people I can actually learn and improve myself while playing against or with them, and games are getting boring now due to a majority of people being a lot lower skill level than myself.
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