Removing Non Lock in Bans.

I'm sorry, but being a player since season 2. I've never really been frustrated with the games mechanics or design. But your new update that bans you making you lose LP if you do not ban a champion or physically Lock in your champion, is a load of rubbish. I can see the appeal to allow 3 people to individually ban, I understand that, but at least change it so it rolls over to the other players. You shouldn't punish players for not Locking in the champion they may have even Picked in the Suggested champion originally! Better yet, the old version would pop up if it was my turn to ban/pick a champion. This update is just doesn't, so if i'm on facebook/google while waiting for the queue to happen. I get instant ban. It's silly. Please dear lord change.{{champion:72}} {{summoner:11}} {{summoner:11}}
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