Music volume = SFX settings? DansGame

As title says, you have this annoying track running in the background of champ select and while in queue that can only be adjusted by the SFX settings and NOT music settings. Many things need fixing and I respect you RIOT for improving the game every year. Suggestions: How about an automatic trinket-changer that you can setup in Item Sets, maybe if you recall at lv9 it knows you want the Sweeper etc and changes it for you per autom. Also, preset bans maybe? (In other words - NERF RENGAR AND MUNDO), it gets tiring to repititively press the same thing every queue because lets face it; Graves, Mundo and Rengar is freelo. And one last thing, and most important: Preset rune/mastery setup for each champion you play, for example - on my 3 adcs I play the same setup but when I am mid I play something else. Something like a setup-recognition for the champion you play or just per category like ALL MARKSMAN > Use This Runes > Use This Masteries. Anyway peace and God bless! {{champion:112}}

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