Suggestion To Riot

Personally, I feel like preseason changes are always too much, too fast. I suggest that changes be brought into the game a bit at a time, so that people can take in what is happening. When everything is brought in at once it feels really pushed onto us and is overwhelming. It can also make it hard for some people to pin point exactly what it is they don't like about the patch and they might not understand how something works, or is happening. If preseason is broken down into parts it makes it easier for the community to give their feedback. If people don't know what it is about the game they don't like they are going to struggle to give their opinion of the game. Splitting the patch into parts, allows Riot to take the feedback for the first part and make the changes to put in the next patch. The next patch would then include the next part of the preseason, as well as the changes made based off the community's feedback. Also, any feedback given from the PBE side of things should be taken into account before bringing out the **_exact same_** thing to the rest of the community. If anything is tested and is given a bad response, it should not be released to the rest of us, untill the **testers** are happy with the result. Just a suggestion, no one has to agree with me.
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