windows 10 fuck fest

hello there Mr. Riot games. Today i downloaded windows 10 and wow was that an honest mistake as far as playing Lol goes because today when i played a game of normal draft pick on euw as Ashe i noticed that my screen turned black for a split second while the game loaded up. when the game had loaded i noticed that my fps was at 4 i was surprised because with windows 8.1 my fps was steady at 60. i tried to reload the game but nothing changed (and same black flash occured, mind you, it never happened in windows 8.1). so i thought "whats the worst that can happen right?" and decided to try to play the game with my 4 frames per second it was working just fine until i unlocked my screen to check in what was happening at mid lane, i unlocked the screen moved my mouse to the mini map, clicked on mid lane and boom my screen started flashing between the game play and a black screen i was scared for I've never seen such a thing, i tried to bring the camera to my champion but its continued to flash and then the screen stayed black, i tried to walk, i heard ashe speaking, i heard the music i heard everything but when i tried moving my mouse after about _0.25 seconds_ the mouse reset to the middle of the screen. I closed the game, re logged in and reconnected, while still at 4 fps the screen wasn't flashing anymore, so i was happy i thought i should try to go and farm because i'm such a great team player but right as i stepped down the steps infront of the inhib turret my screen started flashing and then turmed black and that happened several times until i rage quit and wrote this very beautiful segment portraying beautiful grammar skills and such but please fix this windows 10 bs because i like lol and i want to be able to play lol on my godforsaken super fucking expensive computor fix this issue please im having withdrawal symptoms at this very moment please for the sake of the greater good of this world fix it
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