[BUG] You have disconnected from PVP.Net.

I've read a lot about Players not being able to Login. I haven't had these problems, but after playing the last ranked, I logged in for the next game. I disconnected from PVP-Network ('!You have disconnected from PVP.Net. Attempting to restore your game upon reconnect...'), tried it several times now and it didn't work. Since it is a rankedQ, I didn't leave yet ... Just a few seconds ago an update 'Ranked Qs are disabled' hit the Boards. Had to quit the game with Taskmanager. Cannot log in now. Edit. According to Lolking, I just lost 17 LP for 'dodging' .... Awesome, at least the system punishes you, if everything else fails. Edit2: Got my LPs back, ty Rito!

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