[SUGGESTION] Add 'Damage Dealt to Objectives' to the after-game statistics

Hello Summoners and Forum Team, as the title suggest, i am playing with the idea of being able to check your damage dealt to objectives in the statistic overview after the game ends. As a side effect, this would shift the attention away from the score and damage dealt to champions, to the objective play. Right now all damage is summed up into 'Damage Dealt' and 'Damage dealt to Champions', which could be expanded on. There are multiple ways to do this: 1. ) Stat which counts only damage dealt to turrets, inhibitors and the nexus. 2. ) Stat which counts damage to dragon and baron. 3. ) Stat which sums stat 1 and 2 from above. It would be a great way to figure out how well everybody did objective-wise. Thanks for reading this short suggestion :)
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