Once OP or never OP, doesn't matter, now unknown.

Once glorious champions, now just forgotten ones. {{champion:83}} {{champion:13}} {{champion:20}} {{champion:10}} {{champion:90}} {{champion:44}} {{champion:96}} {{champion:60}} {{champion:28}} {{champion:36}} {{champion:41}} , maybe those who mains them would disagree. But really did you see any of those strong with someone who didnt played at least 50 games with them? I don't think so. Seeing those champs in enemy team gives me victorious feeling and yes we win most the times. Well gonna explain all of them: Yorick is not that weak, but his ultimate and his kit is not made for short fights that are most common ones. Ryze hard nerfed Q and some abilities, I don't like his ult. Nunu is nothing, everybody takes at least some cc. Kayle should offer more dmg at least as she misses hard cc. Malzahar is strong in long fights, but in late he gots cced and does nothing. Taric super useless. Kog maw - that champ exists?! Elise - Who the heck is that?! Evelyn - maybe heard of her once. Mundo, some big guy looks like tank, didn't see him playing. And the last one, give him AP rate to his Q pls, I want AP GP OP.
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