Fiora's W not blocking properly and MOUSE BUTTONS NOT WORKING INGAME?!!

Hello dear RIOT Developers and community, once more some upsetting things in this game... Fiora's W apparently doesn't block everything properly.... for example: -Teemo uses Blind on me, I use W to block it.... I still get blinded. -Ahri's E may charm, me while I am casting/using my W, so after the W's animation finishes, I am still charmed. ... and this may go on for a while, so this is WEIRD! Then something even worse, today I started a match and I wondered why I couldn't buy my items... I replugged my Kensington Orbit Trackball (a special mouse, not a normal one but still works the same! It only lacks a middle mouse button) and fuond out that neither LEFT MOUSE BUTTON nor RIGHT MOUSE BUTTON are working ingame... and of course they work flawlessly, otherwise how would I havfe been able to click the PLAY button? ADD: Checked out some stuff... apparently some recent Windows 10 update might have caused this problem.... csgo works, but Dying Light for example doesn't recieve the input either.... and all worked flawlessly this morning! Any ideas how to fix that?

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