Hi! So, after the new patch i got an insane lag and fps drop, but the thing is, i got this not from the start of the game but after 10-15-20 minutes. The first 10 min i play with normal lag(40-50) and 80 fps, but after that suddenly it goes to 500 lag and "attempt to reconnect"(but it never reconnect, cuz i waited once and the game ended and me never reconnected). After that, i quit the game and try to reconnect and it does nothing... it will just say that i disconnected from the pvp chat and stuff(my internet is working btw... no internet problems). After that, i close the client... I try to log in again, but this time sometimes is logging in(after 2-3 min), sometimes doesn't(i need to restart my pc... and I don't know why). And this stuff, happens every games since the new patch! I've never had this before! Please help me... :| i can't play anymore ranked, cuz i keep getting disconnect and the team, obviously is getting mad at me(gold elo op hahaha). Thanks! And sorry for bad english! :D :P

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