The game needs more defensive aura items.

Seriously, it's getting really boring that supports are either full AP or full tank + wards. There were so many good aura items (which made the gameplay and builds more diverse and fun IMO) then they just got removed. You promote teamplay but remove aura items? Why? I understand for example Soraka's mana refill was just too much but currently {{item:3105}} being the only thing that gives a regen aura is pretty sad not to mention it's a midgame item. Why was mana manipulator bad for example? With the new mana/health regen it could just give % regen to each champion so it can't be abused on like, Soraka who god forbid to regen her health but actually especially on supports that can't really make much use of any trinket because they are not melee not poke it would be great to buff their mana hungry ADC's mana regen from start. I don't think that's an inbalanced idea when you would sacrifice the buff to free heals with Relic, free poke damage with Spellthief or general sustain and movement speed with Coin/Talisman. Not to mention it would be great if you could start with a an armor+resist aura item against lane bullies like Cait + Sona. 1 armor worth 20 gold, starter item could give you a 10 armor 10 mr aura for 400 gold. Literally every MOBA game has a lot of early game aura items except League. Opinions?
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