[BUG] Jinx - Fishbones BUG

* **Server**: EUNE * **Type of Bug**: In-game Bug * **Description**: Jinx can use her rockets even if she doesn't have enough mana. * **Video**: https://youtu.be/Kjl3H0LZS8o * **Reproduction steps**: Play as Jinx and waste all your mana, and then use your Q - Fishbones. Jinx fires one rocket and than it automatically swithes to minigun. You have to switch to rocket launcher before ever auto attack so you can fire infinite number of rockets. * **Expected result**: Jinx shouldn't be able to fire rockets since she is out of mana. * **Observed result**: Jinx fires rockets although she doesn't have enough mana (20) for it. * **Reproduction rate**: 10/10 Sorry for really bad video quality and for my bad English. :)
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