Yasuo bug: 'Executed' by turrets when hit by champions

Twice today there has been a Yasuo who dove a turret, got punched in the face for his trouble, yet was only 'executed' instead of killed and credit given to the champion(s) for their efforts. Once was on SR, playing Nautilus, he got knocked up by Depth Charge and hit with Riptide, but upon dying to the turret (after finishing me off) I did not receive credit. The other time was on Butcher's Bridge, where his shield was blatantly popped by my Malphite Ground Slam, by again only executed when he died two turret shots later. I didn't die that time, either. Either Yasuo/turrets/damage credit is bugged or there's a Thing going around allowing some less than legitimate gameplay. Hopefully it's the former and hotfixable.
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