{{champion:86}} Garen. {{champion:55}} Katarina. {{champion:157}} Yasuo. {{champion:92}} Riven. Did those champions make you rage hard? {{summoner:14}} They did to me. {{item:3151}} It's so stupid they don't have any source of "Mana" to use abilites. You know it's true, Riot. Players. (_"true true"_) If you don't support me, and you'll be butthurt, don't go cry to your mommy. Support this thread instead. {{champion:119}} Let's get this straight. * {{champion:86}} Garen source of "Energy" should be "Justice". (Maybe for {{champion:10}} Kayle too) * Energy for {{champion:157}} Yasuo. * Energy for {{champion:92}} Riven. * Energy for {{champion:55}} Katarina. Not-so-Off-Topic Tip: {{champion:102}} Shyvana could have heat like Rumble {{champion:68}} does. Peace. Edit: 1. I'm not complaining about Shyvana. It was just a fancy suggestion. 2. Yasuo could be removed from the list, since he has "some sort of ""Mana"""

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