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Greetings! I am here to suggest a new feature to the store, cross-region account cloning. **What does it do?** Account cloning would be added to the store as a feature much like region transfer. For a fee (RP, not sure if also IP), you may select a region and essentially copy most of your current accounts data/content into that new region. It would probably prompt you to choose new login details and summoner name for the new region, since someone else might have the same login and account name as you in the other region. **Why does it make League better?** Currently, I myself and probably most other players are happy playing in whatever region they have chosen, however there may come times when one would prefer to play in another region for one reason or another, for example one might have friends playing in that other region, or your current region could have server stability issues. Instead of creating a new account in the other region and starting all over, this feature would allow you to play with whatever you have on your "main" account. The level system of League, as I understand it, is there to separate new players from veterans in order to give new players a fair and fun way to get familiar with League. However, there are tons and tons of smurf accounts ruining this experience. Now, I know that some people do create smurf accounts just to stomp new players and feel good about themselves, but I believe that a good portion of the smurf accounts are "legit" players who actually don't want to go through the smurfing process, but currently have no alternative. Having to start over and grind from 1-30 is not fun for me, and ruins the experience of a new player. Account cloning would allow us to skip this step and let us play in the bracket where we belong. Also, having to deal with the restriction that prohibits you from playing on Summoner's Rift before a certain level is extremely frustrating when you just want to play with a group of friends (even if it is a very low level). **Things that _would_ get copied to the new account** - Account level - Runes - Unlocked champions **Things that would _not_ get copied to the new account** - Ranked history (division, borders, MMR. This should be fresh on the new account) - **Things that may or may not be copied over** - Skins: I would prefer if unlocked skins would also be copied for the new account, for the reason that one might have skins that no longer can be purchased on the original account. However, since Riot is a business and creating this system must be feasible for them, I think it would be fair enough if skins are not transferred and have to be unlocked again. - Summoner icons: Same as skins. - IP/RP - Masteries: would be nice to have them transferred and readily available but since they can easily and freely be created again, not copying them over is fine if it helps reduce the systems load. - Champion mastery: since this is kind of tied to your match history, it probably would make most sense for it not to be copied over to the new account, however since it is mostly cosmetic and depending on the amount you have played and less on the success, copying that over is not something I would be against. **Conclusion** I believe that a system like this would improve the gaming experience of old and new players alike, and hope that it would be considered and eventually implemented. Thanks for reading if you got this far, I feel like I forgot a bunch of stuff that I had thought of before I started writing so I might update this if I start remembering them. **TL;DR** I think League should offer the option to copy your account from one region to another.
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