Dynamic Queue: An idea about our roles

I think it would be useful one of two things to be added in the Dynamic Queue, as in, the new Champ Select in Ranked. Either a small box we can tick that says "I don't mind waiting for longer if I get my Primary Role", or when it asks "Are you ready?" to also say as what I'm going in as, so I'll know if I want to accept or reject it. I'm saying this, because, somehow, even while picking Support and Mid lane, I get Support (which is my aim) only twice every three times. Which means I have to dodge once every three games. Honestly, I don't mind waiting even up to 5 minutes if I'll get Support, since dodging costs me that much anyway! Think about it. With Team builder, we got EXACTLY the role we wanted. (Yes, okay, in Normal Games) Now, not so much... -TehBunni.

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