[Suggestion] Chat

Give us the option to disable the chat. Not only the “/all” but actually ALL of it. It’s not hard, it’s one button in my options menu. Editing the options .txt to hide the chat windows or typing /mute all at start of every single bloody game are nice work rounds, but it just doesn’t cut it. Seriously, I already been chat restricted twice and today got a warning about my “negative attitude” after a game for saying “Great, a nida 8/1 at 15min, stop feeding, just ward your lanes and play defensive guys”, it’s just ridiculous! You just can’t say anything in this game anymore without “offending” someone while getting showered with reports from him and his premades, it’s just silly really =/ I don’t mind losing my “privilege” of talking in this game, but at least give me an “auto mute all” function >.<
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