[Suggestion] Add a random code verification like steam.

So I was just chating with support because of reasons and we started talking about the fact that even though its the persons who owns the account responsobility to keep it safe. With an addition of a system where you get a random code on an app on your phone every 30 seconds or less that you have to input when you log in either online of into the client, the human error and possibility of keyloggers and other shit that may affect the security will almost completely be removed. A friend got hacked too many times and lost his account that he has spent many years and a lot of money on. Now yes its his fault that he lost it. But with an addition of a system like this the odds of something like this happening drastically reduce. Edit: I forgot to mention that the support person told me to write this here as they cant give feedback or suggestions directly to the development team. We can make this happen.
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