Claw of Nashor

TL;DR This item is basically adjacent to {{item:3115}} only instead of scaling off AP it scales off atk spd. {{champion:10}} is an atk spd. based champ, her abilities work better with more atk spd. she has. I think {{item:3115}} is already a really good item, but because it scales off ap i have to build ap such as {{item:3089}} which gives an excessive amount of healing, but i don't wanna support my team i want to carry them, {{champion:10}} is a utilized carry support prevents near death and sustains it, she is in a good place. However i think this item advertises ap items over atk.spd items such as if i want more burst i would prefer to go {{item:3091}} over {{item:3001}} or {{item:3135}} but that would only negate my total dmg, because of {{item:3115}} scaling off ap, so normally i would go {{item:3135}} for snowball {{item:3001}} for safe but my hits still feel slow. basically i want to add {{item:3091}} into my build butother than the atk. spd and mr shred + DoT dmg + mr it falls out of my build. **In short:** Claw of Nashor has all the same stats only it scales off atk. Spd rather than AP

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