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Hello and welcome! Every now and then I finish a match and I'm just furious. I start up the game to have fun (and relax even) but I achieve the exact opposite. Of course I've been questioning my affinity for the game, if it proves to me, daily, that I'm more than not looking in the wrong place. I find game by its self very well made. I've been around since the end of season 2 and the evolution of it is impressive. Graphics, champions, mechanics, pace of the game, items,... it just clicks. Attention to detail and constant work to improve it is praiseworthy. We all have different criteria for the perfect match but at the end it all comes down to enjoyment through fullfilement of our fetishes. Large part of this game and it's problems is the psychology of it. LoL is primarily a team game but with strong individual component. Champions. That's what makes it fun, but it is also what ruins it. Every champion has certain traits that appeal to certain personality. You play LoL the way you play it because of who you are, or, who you aspire to be. Majority of players get kicks just from that, living out their fantasies through the game. The feelings when you're doing well in a match can be very captivating. For some players so much that they forget what the real objectives of the game are and get carried away. _Often into outmatched fights, pursuing their endomorphine rush, failing, themselves, team mates and the game. _ Since it is a team game, it requires team mechanics for success. Not just to win, but to progress and follow the flow of the game appropriately. With all the different roles, expectations and options, players get very different ideas of how to approach the game. If you're playing a bot match, no problem. You are alone, no one bothers you, you win you lose, your problem. You direct how the game will unfold. _And I'm not saying approaching the game differently is bad, quite the opposite, the more creative you are the greater the chances of success. **IF** you know what are you doing._ In team setting, this becomes an issue. As said, LoL attracts many different types of persons and chances are, not all of them get along. Now you put five clashing personalities in front of one objective and you expect them to organize and go for it. Yes, very possible, and since everyone knows their role, objectives and goal of the game, job done right? Most of the time, no. It is the cool factor that ruins it. Well, pursuit of it and subsequent failure. While concerned with love for certain type of champions, your own score and typing REKT!, your forget that you're playing with 4 (9 actually) other, fun thirsty souls just like yourself, chasing the same dream. You forget that the game you are playing is not about you but about itself. And the moment you begin to ignore the rules of the game, it's objectives, the moment you begin to play for your ego, you take a step toward (self)defeat. Newcomers are especially prone to fall for the egotripping that champions can provide. With enough time spent in-game players do realize their mistakes and improve. They become better at playing the game, which is crucial to have fun and win. Mastering a champion won't win you a match, mastering the many aspects of the game (and handling a champ is only one of them) will bring you victory. With different skill levels, mindsets, attitudes and expectations players get pissed at players for all sorts of reasons but there really is only one. We disable each others fun. Toxic community is now understandable. CAN WE FIX IT? YES WE CAN. Well Riot will have to do it. Of course :D One of the members posted and idea for single player mode. While I think it wouldn't work as he envisioned it, I believe it has a lot of potential if we incorporate learning into it. From level 1 to 30 there isn't much to do but to grind your way to unlock ranked. Once you do, you see that it didn't matter in the first place, because it's the same or worse than normals. I propose an educative single player mode that teaches (new) players everything there is to successfully cope with live online games. Laning, last hitting, different roles, map awareness, objective control, all the basics. When you hit level 30, you know the game. No more confusion what to do, where to go. _Well sort of, but it's a start._ People lack game awareness and I believe they should be thought about it from the start. Current tutorials cover some of this but not enough. We need to be more specific. TL;DR LoL by itself is a great game. What ruins it? We do. Players. We take a big, juicy dump on it, smear it all over the Summoners Rift and then complain to Riot because it stinks. But we can fix it! (Riot can) Here's rough concept: First login, game modes available: Tutorials, bot match. CHAT IS LOCKED. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- **Basic Tutorials - advance from level 1 - 3** Most of the things are already covered in existing tutorials. Maybe they should be adjusted/improved to fit our goal here. **1/3 Framework** - ARAM Introduce players to interface, first and foremost goals of the game and mechanics. Towers, minions, gold & xp. Moving around, attacking/farming. How to use Shop & buy items. Death and respawning. **2/3 Interaction** - ARAM Player now has basic understanding of the game. Now we learn how to use champions' abilities, summoner spells and activate items. 1 on 1 skirmish, tower defense, tower attacking, tower aggro. Bushes. Wards. Pinging, why and when. **3/3 Swim or die** Bot match on Summoners Rift. 3v3, 1 champ per lane. Player is put on the middle lane with one of the base champs (Ashe, what have you). No tips. Maybe lock-down jungle with gates (like the ones in base) to avoid confusion _You've completed the basic tutorials. Here is your reward! (summoner icon)_ **Unlocks co-op vs AI** --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- **Role focused tutorials - advance from level 3 - 10** Through next five tutorials we get player to know the basic strategy and tactics of a match. We provide lane specific information and tips. What to pay attention to, common mistakes, prefered types of champions. Ganking, roaming, etc. Goal of this section is to familiarize player with main purpose of each role and some of the possibilities. Of course we can't cover all, we provide basic, most used concepts. Exploring other options and viable champions is still left up to player. It is also an opportunity to give player a chance to try some of the many champions he can choose from. This keeps the motivation up and raise interest to eventually buy one. 1/5 Top lane 2/5 Middle lane 3/5 Bottom lane, support 4/5 Bottom lane, offensive 5/5 Jungle Here be Dragons To finish this section off, a player has to complete one 5vs5 co-op vs AI match (win condition) and one 5vs5 live game (win condition) _You've completed the intermediate tutorials. Here is your reward! (summoner icon or/and a skin)_ **Unlocks Team Builder and Normal game** --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- **Scenarios, scripted (bonus xp)** Create a situation which player has to solve to save the game and win. Create one for each role. This is to train player in map awarness and show what an impact a proper play of a single person can have on the outcome of the match. An example for top laner: Create a scripted situation with bots We throw the player in the match at lvl 8, on top lane. Top lane is doing fine, towers are still up. Bottom lane is having major problems, outer tower is destroyed, some kills have been exchanged but opponent has the advantage. Jungler is therefore forced to keep his presence on the bottom side of the map. Middle didn't get enough ganks and is also struggling. You, as the only player in the match still keeping the balance, have to help your team to overcome the problems and win. This is exercise in roaming, helping jungler, ganking mid and bot, being aware of your teammates' condition. Also to recognize how much of an impact you can have on the outcome of the match. _(Maybe it could be possible to execute this as co-op vs AI?)_ _You've completed all of the scenarios. Here is your reward! (a skin)_ --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- **Achievements (bonus xp)** Win 10 games as *insert role* (in team builder) Rewards you a summoner icon for each role when completed. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Just playing through all of this should get you to level 15. Players can't reach level 30 unless they complete all of the above. Once completed, they are rewarded a champion (or maybe they can unlock a champion of their choice, something in the 1350IP class). This ensures that everyone gets their education. It is also a great safeguard against smurfing. Furthermore, for the millions of players already at level 30, this becomes an option to get some cool icons, a skin or two and maybe a champ (if not unlocked already), while testing their skills. You've hit level 30. CHAT IS STILL LOCKED. Win 25 normal games to unlock chat. Win 25 ranked games to unlock All/ chat. WHY? To boost self-reliance, map awareness and team co-operation. Pings are more than enough to get your attention when you're just starting up. Chat is for cool people only.
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