Loss Prevented for games with AFK team members

Ok, so i'm sure i'm not the only one who experienced a game like this. You connect, the map appears and all 5 champions from your team spawn. The only problem, one or more members of your team appears in the center of the pool and remains in that position for the rest of the game. So, i'm asking: if you have a team member or more team members like that in ranked games, why do you still lose points? Why doesn't the "Loss Prevented" thing apply for this situation as well? Why must you get punished because a player can't or doesn't want to play the game that he entered? From the first second of the game you have a huge disadvantage and you're pretty much in an unwinnable position. And you get the same punishment as the player who didn't connect, you lose some LP (or in some cases get demoted or lose a promo). You can report the player or players at the end of the match, but let's be honest, nothing ever happens to them. SO. Do you thing that the "Loss Prevented" rule should be implemented when you lose a match in which one or more team mates were disconnected for most of it?
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