[suggestion] Enable loading screen chat

Good morning summoners and occasionnal rioters reading this post ! Is there a way to add the possibility to chat with your teammates during loading screen ? Very often, strategies are starting to be elaborated during the champion select ("hey let's invade", "I'm starting blue, i'll gank top asap", etc) or you can have a discussion that starts about various subjects, and I find it a bit disrupting to have the loading screen breaking it all, with the need to wait sometimes for the occasionnal poor lad that plays on a toaster. Also you could be speaking with friends at that time. I know you can press Alt-Tab and go to the League of Legends icon in your notification bar (on Windows, i don't know about Mac but i expect it to be built in a similar way), but 1/ it only allow you to speak with people in your friend list or chat rooms you are in and 2/ it is not very intuitive and doesn't solve the issue mentionned here about non-premades teammates. About the technical, I understand that in-game chat log messages have timestamps relative to the beginning of the game that makes it difficult to enable it before the game have started (which is probably why they are separated from the lobby chat room), but can you "extend" the lifetime of the lobby chat room until the game actually begins and add an interface to the loading screen ? Is this feature considered at Riot ? Or would the changes implied to the loading screen look and feel totally prevent it from being implemented ? Most of actual games have interactives loading screens in a way or another and despite the recent efforts to make the loading screen more colorful and eye-fancy, it remains very static. Thanks to all the folks that read it to the end, if not : tl;dr = what about a loading screen chat ?
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