Riot, fix how LP is awarded.

Ok guys, I think this issue is something dear to our hearts, elo hell. In short, you could be the best player in the world, but if your team feeds like hell, then it will be very hard to win a game. I realise that LP is awarded evenly depending on rank to the team in order to support better teamplay, but this isn't working. So here's a few solutions that I think would make League a better game: 1: If you are the best performing player on your team and you lose, then you should lose less LP than the rest of the team. It's incredibly frustrating when you are trying to carry, with a score of something like 15/2/10, and you still lose because there's one player who is trolling, or your whole team is bad. Players who have an S rank in the post match screen should not be so penalised for having a bad team. Because right now making it to the higher ranks is 40% based on the luck of what your team is. 2: Award more LP on victories. This might seem greedy, but it's necessary. 1/8 matches there will be a bug that causes me to drop out of the game or make me unable to play, including: In champ select screen, the game doesn't let me select a champion. I get temporarily banned and lose LP for "dodging". After starting the game, the camera won't move and I have to double click things in order to use them (shop, choosing abilities, using abilities, etc). This is a mac issue I believe. After starting the game, the server disconnects me. After accepting to join a match, I get an error message saying that an error has occurred and that there's a problem with the server. I get temporarily banned and lose LP for "dodging". Not to mention the amount of times a player is afk or trolling. I'm sure there's many other bugs that cause players to lose LP. With this in mind, since you remove LP from player's when it's your fault for not fixing these issues, maybe the best solution is to just make it easier and award more LP on victories, to balance this out. For years League has still had bugs that aren't getting fixed, and the player's are still being punished for it.
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