I think that this years pick'em system was such a fail... I mean one LUCKY guy got the championship riven skin... ONLY ONE guy and there were more than a milion participants in that even... I believe riot should give a second chance to those who had collected many points too... Such as those who had predicted at least on group stage perfectly or knockout.. (sorry for my bad English) ... But it doesnt end here.. If they bring that skin back in 2016 it will be in the championship bundle which will include all the champions who own a championship skin and maybe some icons too... remembering the season 2 when cs riven was worth like 975RP, in season 6 it will cost to get it 15x times more. Probably in the bundle, cs riven will cost a bit more either.. so think about that. You ll need to give like 70 euros for other useless for you skins so that you can have that cs riven skin you had been dreaming about.. . Riot makes BILLIONS each year... i think they should start considering about people and not just money.. or there will be more people buying accounts 500-600 euro including cs riven in them online... do you guys agree?
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