Since patch 5.14 I have at least 3 Crashes per game. New HUD related?

Hi everyone, First, this is not a "hate against the new HUD" thread actually I like it, if find it clearer and I Love the fact that the upper right and bottom left corners are completely empty. BUT since my patch, I cannot play the game anymore. I mean, yes I can launch the damn thing, but it starts with a **visual bug** in the ingame item shop. (Red squares with an Opacity of 40% ) then the more the game progresses the more I DC. It's true that I have kind of a toaster (macbook pro from 2012) but is the new Hud that heavy so I can't play anymore? (already on minimal settings and stuff) Will their be a fix or do I have to abandon league? ps: i've tried both the Bilgewater map and the SR map and the problem appeared in both of them.
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