Buff to yasuo that will make him playable again. (and slightly lower his skill requirement)

I think yasuo is a pretty hard champion atm and making one mistakes allows the enemy to punish u hard. So after i checked out the new fiora i thought that her q was a great way to balance her out. Dplease allo yasuo to use his e as a skill shot, it goes on cooldown if it doesnt hit anyone and if it does hit, then it goes on 0.5s cd but cant do damage to same enemy for 7s. This will allow for more mobility out of lane and for a better way to disengage if u fk up. I dunt think it will make him op since fiora has that, fizz has his e and they both have pretty much same dmg as yasuo but with better mobility. This is only the opinion of a silver 2 fizz main that wants to play yasuo, pls no flame.

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