What is up with all the dc/afk

Literally every game I get to play at least 2 people are afk all time and others troll. I do like the game and have supported the game by buying rp enough to get dozens of skin`s for me and my wife, but it gets me thinking this game is in worse shape than it was in alpha 5+ years ago. As a software engineer I despise the fact you waste my time 5 min pregame 20+ min each time. If you can not fix the DDOS'ing skript kiddies or man childs on summer break, can you at least do this: Create an option to **call end of game vote** at **3rd min** of the game. This "FEATURE" can cost RP on each use. My free time costs much more than it takes me to spend on RP. (I have a gamer pc with fiber optic internet and I can verify problems that occur are not due to my end.)

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